Multi-Site Strategy Reviews to Drive Growth

As we look back at the strategic performance of our clients, we’re often reminded our company’s core purpose is to help our clients see sustained growth through strategy.

One of our long-term clients in the healthcare industry has seen impressive growth during the past four years of our relationship due to one distinct reason – dedication to the planning and execution process. With each yearly planning cycle, their plan becomes more refined and their vision to the future becomes clearer.

Here’s how:

  • Yearly Updates – Updating their plan yearly allows them to make adjustments based on their previous year’s performance, external market factors, and other changes in their business.
  • Consistent Quarterly Reviews – Even with three sites in different states, they’ve managed to consistently gather all their key stakeholders to review strategic performance, identify successes, avoid pitfalls, and review the health of their organization.
  • Execution – They’ve shifted their mindset to make execution part of their everyday. Embedding strategy in organizational culture isn’t easy, but it keeps their organization pressing against executing their plan.

During the last four years, this client has successfully adopted the process. They’ve moved up in their market and are continuing to use strategy as a catalyst for sustained growth.



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