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Leveraging Strategy to Build a Culture of Transparency at SEO Monitor

We promise this won’t be another post about the importance of strategy reviews [although, let’s not undermine just how important they are in achieving your vision of success]. Instead, we’d like to highlight how one of our clients has very thoughtfully integrated the importance of culture into the strategic management process.

Quantifying the financial impact of planning is something most leadership teams do within the confines of the boardroom during the planning process. But what gets lost in translation between planning, implementation, and reviews is just how important strategy can be for an organization’s financial position.

SEO Monitor realized they needed their entire team to understand the impact their strategic plan has on financial performance. Taking it an even bigger step further, they realized they needed their entire organization to understand how they make and spend money to have a more transparent and understanding culture.

So, they’ve integrated dedicated time during their quarterly strategy reviews to review their financial statements. The decision was one driven by the desire to create a more transparent and communicative culture, and in this case the planning process is helping facilitate this change.

But they haven’t stopped there.

Their entire team is now reading Powerful – Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility by Patty McCord, the creator of Netflix’s famous culture document. As a result, they are integrating some of the exercises in the book into how SEO Monitor can build and improve their organization’s culture.

It’s amazing to see how SEO Monitor’s dedication to the planning process is helping drive the foundational change that allows organizations to truly succeed.

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