Increasing the Quality of Life and Preserving the Outdoors in Carson City, Nevada

Sep 22, 2016

This week, we’re kicking off the strategic planning process with Carson City Parks, Recreation, and Open Space. With responsibilities spanning across the city’s aquatics center, community center and theater, youth programs, sports programs, and maintaining the city’s open spaces, the division sees the value strategic planning adds to ensure the community’s future quality of life.

Here are a few reasons we’re ecstatic to be part of this process:

  • The division serves so many different people. Between the aquatics center, youth programs, sports, and outdoor spaces, the division touches the lives of so many.
  • We’re passionate about maintaining the outdoor recreation in our backyard. Carson City is only a jump-skip away from our home office in Reno. We love our outdoor spaces and are always excited to be part of its preservation.
  • Preservation and planning is key to increasing citizen’s quality of life. The division provides key services that increase the quality of life in Carson. Planning for the division’s future success directly impacts the community.



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