How to Implement Your Strategic Plan

Execute, execute, execute! That sentence (fragment) is terrifying on so many levels. Not only does it bring to mind pictures of being blindfolded, given a last cigarette, and placed in front of a firing squad, but even more scary it means once you craft a strategic plan you’re expected to make it happen.

Planning is one thing, but how do you make sure your plan gets implemented? There’s a secret to executing strategy. It’s not magic, and it’s not hope. If you’re anything like me, no matter how many times you’ve called the psychic hotline, or begged the universe to accomplish your strategic initiatives, you’ve noticed that something is missing.

Well, don’t be sad. Erica has come through yet again with a fantastic, concise whiteboard video that will show you how to get your strategy done. No more guessing what will work, no more pointing fingers when your objectives fall flat- this video will give you the tools to quit relying on the plan (or the universe) alone to accomplish your vision.

Thanks for watching and as always, feedback and questions are encouraged.

One Comment

  1. Marc Rapp says:

    Not magic at. Nice video.



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