How Agility in Strategic Planning Helps Grant Wishes

By Heyden Enochson

How Agility in Strategic Planning Helps Grant Wishes

We’ve been working with the Make-A-Wish foundation for the last year as they created and implemented a plan to grant more wishes to children around the country. It’s a valiant cause that we’re honored to support.

Their strategic plan contains the qualities of a successful plan—it’s thorough, logical and well-organized.  It includes robust hierarchy goals, annual programs and specific actions that align but don’t overlap.

However, as the leadership team takes action against the plan, they’ve realized the need for revision and refinement. Even the best plans are “good, but not perfect.” And that’s ok. The pursuit of a perfect plan is inherently flawed and your effort should be instead focused on implementing and executing a good plan!

Here are a few good concepts MAW brought to our attention as they refined their plan for 2020. You might consider asking a few of the same questions!

  1. Have you set targets that do the job you intended them to do?  Do they actually measure success against the goal it addresses?
  2. Where is the plan stalling?  What parent goals need to be distilled for better clarity and measurability?
  3. As you set and refine targets, consider how distinct each target can be.  Specific targets, unique to specific initiatives are powerful because they lead to clarity for your team.  Team members better understand their responsibility as stakeholders and how to better move forward to meet new targets.

We commend MAW for gifting their organization with permission and time to adjust and polish their strategic plan. We look forward to working with MAW in this fine-tuning process and to witnessing the growth and success that comes with the implementation and committed execution of a solid strategic plan.




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