Helping Washoe County Tune into their Organization with Buzz Sessions

In our leading post, we detailed the process behind leading Buzz Sessions. We were reminded of the power of these sessions because the Washoe County Community Services Department (CSD) has been a consistent champion to the process.

Washoe County CSD adopted the Buzz Sessions to inform the creation their previous 3-year strategic plan. In fact, they contribute part of the success of their previous plan to the clear direction and buy-in created from these buzz sessions. So, as they began their new planning cycle, it was an obvious choice to do another set of Buzz Sessions. Here’s why the process is working for them:

  • They recognized the success and impact they saw from listening to their team. Many of the accomplishments from their current strategic plan stem from decisions and actions they identified from their last set of buzz sessions; all because they took the time to genuinely listen to the feedback from their organization.
  • They’ve scaled the sessions to be highly impactful. They scheduled two Buzz Sessions with about 15 participants from different areas and levels of their organization. The smaller size and diverse viewpoints allowed everyone’s message to be heard.
  • They act on the information they receive. Asking for feedback is one thing; implementing it is a completely different ball game. They’ve remained dedicated to implementing the feedback they hear, and the result is a better plan with buy-in across their team.

Nice job, Washoe County CSD. This was a great reminder of the impact of this exercise and we hope your organization chooses to tune into the buzz from your team.



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