Helping Restore and Maintain Walker Lake in Nevada

Nov 30, 2017

Water is a precious commodity in any geographic location – but in a desert climate, it’s the lifeblood of the region’s economy, ecology, and culture.

Established in 2014, the Walker Basin Conservancy (WBC) is leading an effort to help restore and maintain Walker Lake in Nevada. We recently facilitated the first of their strategic planning sessions to help the organization define their long-term vision of success and develop a strategic roadmap to get there.

Here are a few cool takeaways from their first planning session:

  • WBC understands their impact can go beyond helping preserve and maintain Walker Lake. Preserving the lake provides opportunity for economic diversification, preservation of the local ecology, and building the culture of the region.
  • A powerful vision drives action. WBC is still working on solidifying their vision of success, but we were impressed at their organization’s understanding of how a powerful vision can drive action.
  • We’re excited to be involved in the process. As Nevadans, we’re honored anytime we get to help organizations maintain the unique beauty and ecology of our region.

As WBC continues to work on their vision and strategic roadmap, we’re excited to see how they will continue to positively impact the region.



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