Helping End Hunger in Maryland

Oct 18, 2018

Strategy can empower organizations to achieve great things; financial success, a culture of community, and efficient teams.

For the Maryland Food Bank, a new strategic plan is empowering them to do more to provide food and other needed resources to food-insecure people in their state.

With such a large mission and need in the community, it takes a sophisticated level of organization and coordination to provide the nearly 102,000 meals a day the Maryland Food Bank provides across the state of Maryland.

We’ve been working on helping the Maryland Food Bank implement and structure their existing strategic plan and we’re blown away by their impact and dedication to the process. Here’s why:

  • They’re using strategy to increase their organization’s impact. Recognizing the importance of strategic planning in organizational growth is an important step. The Maryland Food Bank didn’t just recognize the importance of strategy – they’ve embraced it as the means to expanding their impact.
  • They have a clear vision of success. They know where they’re going and the impact of their work has on communities. It’s a mission and vision we have great respect for.
  • The level of coordination and organization is astounding. Between volunteers, professional staff, community partners, and donors, the level of coordination it takes to feed Maryland communities is truly amazing.

We’re excited about the work we’ve completed with Maryland Food Bank in helping structure and implement their strategic plan. We can’t wait to see it’s impact on their community!



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