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Harvard Business Review’s Four Steps for Integrating Data into Your Business

Integrating data and analytics into your organization can be faced with technological hurdles, resistance to change, even a wave of ownership uncertainty.

But, it doesn’t [and shouldn’t] be this way.

All great leadership teams and high performing organizations don’t just monitor their numbers; they use them as the foundational guide to measure their organization’s performance and make insightful business decisions about their direction.

In a recent article by the Harvard Business Review, they articulated some great points below on how to integrate data and analysis into you organization’s day-to-day practice:

Harvard Business Review articulates that cultural resistance to data is often a result of two key components. Firstly, 51% of c-suite executives don’t fully support their organization’s data and analytics strategy. Secondly, 60% of data and analytics projects fail. The core reason for these cultural obstacles is because your organization’s structure and people aren’t aligned to your strategic plan.

We agree wholeheartedly. Leaders and key members of your team will embrace analytics in their workflow if they’re aligned to your plan and working towards your organization’s collective vision of success.

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