Growing RHA in the Fields of Fresno

May 19, 2016

This month, the OnStrategy team traveled to the greenbelt of California to help Richard Heath and Associates (RHA) create a plan to focus their energy and efforts for sustainable growth. Here are the themes from the facilitation:

Sustainable Growth is Proactive, Not Reactive: Creating a sustainable growth model is flat out challenging. Many organizations end up creating plans and strategies that are reactive rather than proactive to growth. To help RHA get ahead of the game, we set out to help them create a strategy for sustainable, strategic growth. This meant identifying the critical few sales opportunities and planning how to secure them so RHA could reach their desired revenue and profitability targets.

Leaders Have A Lot In Common: Bringing together RHA’s leaders from three unique lines of business highlighted that many leaders have a lot in common. Even people with different leadership styles have many thoughts and characteristics that are strikingly similar.

Jeff was Glad to Reconnect with His Roots: OnStrategy team member Jeff is originally from this area of California, so he was glad to take the drive to Fresno and reconnect with his roots.

Cory Doesn’t Like Bugs: It’s Springtime in California and team member Cory’s new car was broken in properly on his drive to Fresno.



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