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Sep 08, 2014

Creating and executing a strategic plan isn’t always easy. Nor is it always fun. But remaining dedicated and motivated to the process allows you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That light is success. It’s growth. It’s making your organization become a fully capable, well-oiled machine. There’s nothing quite like seeing the progress made because of the dedication to your strategic plan.

It’s even better when a top-tier business publication identifies and recognizes your success, validating all of your hard work.

ShelfGenie was recently featured by for being one of the fastest growing, privately-held U.S. companies. It’s a well-deserved pat on the back after working through the peaks and valleys of strategic planning and organizational growth.

Leading the charge is CEO Allan Young. The article discusses what Allan and ShelfGenie are doing better and differently to drive growth, including the use of OnStrategy to drive ownership and accountability.

Working with Allan, we know ShelfGenie isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. They’re committed to driving alignment and collaboration to accomplish their goals.

At OnStrategy, we use the phrase, “closing the gap between strategy and execution.” The best strategic plans are useless sitting on a shelf collecting dust. To make that strategic plan a reality, you need to keep your team accountable, drive alignment, and inspire ownership. ShelfGenie is winning the game because they’ve leveraged the plan, their team, and our tool. Here’s how:

  • Everyone gets it. It’s not just understanding the plan itself, but rather fundamentally understanding how every person’s puzzle piece fits into their organizational picture. Everyone is aligned and on the same page, which brings me to my next point –
  • They own their plan. They’ve created it, modified it, and are executing it. They know it forwards and backwards and understand the actions they take are all designed to reach an end-goal.
  • They’re accountable. Open communication lines result in the collective understanding that the team is expected to meet standards and deadlines.

Moving forward in your strategy execution, take a page from ShelfGenie’s playbook – understand that great strategy is only as effective as the team and performance management tool you’re using to execute it.



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