Getting Every Child to High School Graduation in Reno, NV

Oct 05, 2017

Every organization embarks upon the strategic planning process for different reasons. Some to achieve growth plans. Some to improve how efficiently they run their businesses. Others to enact change in their communities.

We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with the Boys & Girls Club of the Truckee Meadows (BGCTM) during the past several years for one purpose; help them achieve their vision of 100% graduation rate among their members. It’s an amazing vision and impact we’re fortunate to have helped lay the foundation for their organization to achieve.

We recently helped facilitate the review and update of their plan. The previous year marked a major overhaul to the plan and process, so it was refreshing for their organization to enter a space where they weren’t starting from scratch and rather building upon the achievements from their previous year. Here are a few takeaways:

  • Each function of their plan is driving the organization to achieve its vision. Between marketing, financial management, fundraising, and the board, everyone knows the sole purpose and impact of the BGCTM.
  • They’re listening to what their customers, community, and stakeholders are saying. The BGCTM has an important presence and place in our community and they’re listening to their stakeholder’s input as they update their plan.
  • They’re staying committed to the ongoing process. The BGCTM knows that success can’t be achieved in days or weeks, but rather by an ongoing focus. They’ve remained vigilant to the planning, execution, and review process, which is allowing them to see measurable change in their organization.

It’s amazing to see how this organization positively impacts the community we live in and we are grateful to be part of the ongoing process to help the BGCTM work towards their vision of success.



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