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Tips for Governmental Strategic Planning

By Shannon Sage

Tips for Governmental Strategic Planning

While the strategic planning process shares the same fundamental basis whether you’re planning for a business, nonprofit, or government agency, there are some things governments should keep in mind when developing strategic plans. Here are some specific tips to keep in mind for your agency or community:

  • Identify specific agencies charged with implementation of clear outcomes. This only works if named agencies participate in the planning.
  • Identify a single, coordinating entity charged with overseeing implementation. In some cases, the coordinating agency or group is created to implement the plan.
  • Involve respected and representative community and business leaders in your process.
  • Reconvene the planning steering committee periodically to monitor implementation progress. The expectation of a public accounting for results can be a powerful incentive to act.
  • Plan for the municipality or county to commission a formal evaluation of the plan two to five years after publication.
  • Widely distribute a well-designed plan. Describe goals in general terms and actively encourage individual groups and agencies to fulfill the plan as it serves their interests.




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