Four Questions for Organizational Change Management

Aug 11, 2006

There are four component questions to ask about your organization:

  1. How should your strategy transform?
  2. How should your operating activities transform, whether or not you have a shift in strategy?
  3. To accomplish a transformation, what shift in people and leadership is necessary?
  4. And what shift in organization processes must you facilitate?

These are the four components of how to make money: strategy, operating activities, people, and processes. When you confront reality, you may have to make changes in one of the four, two of the four, three of the four, or all four.

A leader has to determine when not to change, when to change, and to what extent to change. Then you determine which of the four internal organizational components have to be changed, and in what sequence, to meet those goals.

Modified thoughts from Ram Charan with Randall Rothenberg



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