Fighting Poverty and Empowering Communities through Strategy Execution

Sep 10, 2021

The pandemic has shaken the core of many organizations. It’s provided an additional strain to already stretched non-profits and private organizations.

Organizations like food banks, non-profits that provide medical and social services, and other organizations that fight poverty faced un-relenting strain and reduced resources in one of the world’s greatest times of need.

A Line of Support—Funding from the American Rescue Plan Act

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 provided $1.9 trillion in aid to supplement critical demands and shortages faced in local government, medical care, unemployment, and the economy.

The new law addresses the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis through increased funding for public health programs, the safe reopening of schools, assistance to low-income and middle-class families, and financial support for states and small businesses. This includes billions of dollars in grants and available funds to governments and community action alliances to support the American people.

Helping Community Action Agencies Make the Most of These Funds

We’re currently working with 6 different Community Action Agencies to support their strategy execution and reporting so they can focus on accelerating services to underserved populations during a time of dire need.

These agencies, which are private and non-profit organizations that provide services to fight poverty, have the opportunity to receive once-in-a-lifetime grants to accelerate their mission and serve their communities.

The catch? They need to have a strategic plan in place and provide reports against their progress to the federal government.

We’ve got an app for that! We’re so excited that our application can help these organizations manage, track, and provide reports so they can focus on accelerating their mission through these grants.

It’s really fulfilling and we’re so thrilled to be helping these non-profit organizations provide critical services in a time of need.

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