Educator Training in the High Mountains of Guatemala

By Heyden Enochson

Educator Training in the High Mountains of Guatemala

This week, team member Nancy is returning back to office life after a three-week excursion to Guatemala to help conduct teacher-training seminars. During her trip, Nancy worked with the International School Project to provide 575 school administrators and teachers tools and training to help advance their skills as educators. Here are a few quick notes from her travels:

  • She was Associate Director for this trip. This mean she was responsible for co-leading the trip, which included organization of 40 Americans and 12 Guatemalans to lead two different conferences.
  • She was able to conduct two separate conferences, adding up to 525 participants. Nancy helped coordinate two different conferences with 450 and 125 participants, respectively. Logistically, this was huge because it required all of the language to be interpreted!
  • All of the trainings took place in Xela, Guatemela. Located at 7,762’, Xela is the second largest city in Guatemala. Even during the summer months, it was a brisk 68 degrees high!
  • She broke her foot! While not exactly a clean break, she fractured the bone in her foot while walking. She’s now sporting a very fashionable boot!




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