Do Your Employees Understand Your Strategy?

Jul 11, 2006

Only 10 percent of employees understand their organization’s strategy and how their efforts connect to the strategy. And if that isn’t bad enough, only 40 percent of managers have a clear understanding of their organization’s strategy. These disappointing statistics were reported in a study by Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

So how can you help your employees understand your strategy?

  1. Clearly communicate your mission and vision to every employee, but don’t let those ideas sit in the corner collecting dust after that. Make those ideas a part of every day so they are not forgotten.
  2. Involve employees in the planning process. Employees who have a sense of ownership of the plan are empowered and motivated to take action.
  3. When creating your plan design it as an easy to follow roadmap. Managers should be able to clearly see the direction your plan is taking throughout the process.
  4. Make goals and objectives that your employees can relate to. Include action items and measures that coincide with their daily tasks.
  5. Prioritize parts of your plan to make it more manageable. If employees are overwhelmed by the scope of your plan they may “forget” to implement it.

These suggestions may help your employees share your vision. I also suggest having regular planning meetings to communicate your strategy, monitor your progress and keep employees on track. What do you think? Please share your stories and comments with me!



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