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The Change Management Process: Create “Pockets of Change”

By Todd Ballowe

The Change Management Process: Create “Pockets of Change”

Clear leadership for change management initiatives is an important element to the eventual success of the process.  Anyone involved in leading change knows that this is certainly not the only thing that needs to be in place.  An article in Management Review expands the notion of leadership for change in “The Bottom Up Principle” by David Butcher and Sally Atkinson.  By creating “pockets of change” throughout the organization, the article suggests that middle management is in a prime position to initiate differentiated and unconventional approaches.  It encourages empowerment, not from the authenticated blessing from the top, but from smart initiatives that drive action first.  If the efforts garner success, then the pocket is acknowledged by leadership as good process.  It takes bold management to create a “pocket of change” but it could be a great tactic for those organizations looking to fortify their efforts for culture change.




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