Staff Management: Coaching for Achievement

Want your team to break records? They’ll need a great coach

On part three of “how to get the most out of performance management software,” we examine the impact of great coaching. Think about your favorite Olympic athlete. Do you think the athlete’s goal is foremost on her mind every day? You bet it is. That’s why it’s your job and your manager’s job to act as a coach to get Olympic-level performances out of all your people.

Software itself, no matter how useful, isn’t enough to make sure your business strategy takes your company to the heights you imagine when you craft your vision statement. Ultimately, much of your organization’s success depends on how well your plan and your people are managed. Performance Management Software, like any tool, requires someone to wield it, but in the hands of an inspiring coach it can be extremely effective in executing your strategy and leading your team to out-perform your competition.

Leave fire-fighting to the guys in the red truck – Coaches need to focus on the bigger picture

In addition to focusing on the goal, Olympic athletes are incredibly disciplined. Implementing goals that were set months ago is no different. It requires that same level of commitment and discipline. This is where you and your managers need to lead rather than fight fires and do detail work. By acting as a coach, use the strategic plan as your framework to guide your team to high performance. What do coaches do?

  • Encourage: Everyone needs to feel like they’re doing a good job and are appreciated for their hard work. Coaches say encouraging words to their team to keep them motivated and engaged.
  • Support: Without the right skills and resources for the job, no amount of prodding and pushing will get it done. Coaches support their teams by making sure they have the training, knowledge, and ability to complete the task.
  • Yell at the right time: Just like athletic coaches know when to yell, managers need to know when to “push” their team when they need it. A good coach knows when performance is lagging and when to turn on the pressure.
  • Bring out the best: Seeing the strengths and weaknesses of your team allows you to bring out the best in your staff. Coaches know how to make you the best you can be.
  • Monitor performance: Keeping track of how everyone is performing is another trait of a good coach. With your SMART goals, you can assist your employee in creating an action plan if it isn’t already established and keep them on the path toward achieving it. Meet with the employee regularly to discuss the status of goal accomplishment.

Your plan and your performance management software may be top notch, but they require a coach to motivate and monitor your team members. The role requires dedication and effort, but a great coach who encourages their team when they encounter setbacks and roadblocks as well as recognizes and rewards employees for achievements can expect record-breaking performance.


Now that you know how to make the most out of Performance Management Software, take the free trial of OnStrategy today and not only build a powerful plan but execute it flawlessly!



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