Bringing Together a Community to Preserve Riverfront in California and Nevada

Flowing through two states with 121 miles of riverfront, the Truckee River serves as both a life source and community hub for much of Eastern California and Northern Nevada. While many organizations do great work to tackle projects that preserve and protect the river, no single agency or all-inclusive plan exists to protect its natural ecosystem.

The One Truckee River Initiative is a first in the Truckee’s history: The Nevada Land Trust, Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, National Park Service, and other partners united to create a comprehensive plan to protect the thriving river ecosystem. First phase of the project focuses on a 10-mile stretch of river flowing through Reno, Nevada. It’s the first all-encompassing plan in the river’s history.

We helped collect, gather, and analyze input from 120 experts: The river is the region’s life source for drinking, recreation, agriculture, and wildlife. To ensure everyone’s voices were heard, we helped the One Truckee River Initiative collect and analyze input from the city, county, local businesses, environmental groups, and the general community so the plan could represent the region’s holistic view.

By the community, for the community: From public safety to water quality, the community’s input will be used to create a plan that ultimately affects the river flowing through their own backyards. This plan was built on feedback from the community.



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