Are You Allocating Sufficient Time to Strategic Planning?

In our last issue of StrategyCheck we asked you, our readership, the greatest challenge being faced in 2015 strategic planning and performance management.

We asked. You answered. We listened. We received hundreds of responses. So what was the top challenge? Obviously, there were many. You shared with us challenges like creating a culture of performance management and inspiring engagement with the right stakeholders.

However, many of you were concerned by not having sufficient time to thoughtfully work the strategic management process. So, we’re tackling this challenge, since nearly half of all respondents are currently starting or are about to start their 2015 strategic planning efforts.

Here are three quick tips to ensure the right amount of time is allocated to the strategic planning process.

  1. Set realistic expectations. Map out the required end-to-end process required for your organization’s strategic planning. Allocated required time by all stakeholders at each step. Clearly communicate what’s expected and the time required.
  2. Make it a priority. Everyone’s plates are always full. A great organizational strategy helps identify what needs to continue being done, and just as important, what needs to stop. This helps ensure what’s on everyone’s plates is mapping to strategic organizational goals.
  3. Communicate the personal win. When the organization wins, employees win. Think about the personal win for the individual contributor. Maybe it’s achieving greater financial independence or a better work/life balance. Whatever it is people respond better when they know what’s in it for them.

Since creating engagement among key stakeholders is also a top challenge we want to ask you. What have you found that is effective in creating engagement among stakeholders during the strategic planning process? How do you best involve board members, senior management and staff?

Tell us now. We’ll share your insight in our next StrategyCheck newsletter.

StrategyCheck: Are you allocating sufficient time to strategic planning?




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