A Lesson on the Impact of Collaborative Planning with EMC Reinsurance

Dec 06, 2019

Wise leaders understand how to move their teams towards long-term success. Even better leaders can guide their teams while transitioning into a new leadership role in an organization.

The new leader of EMC Reinsurance, a division of EMC Insurance Companies, did just that.

Working with our Lorna Shepard, one of our Senior Strategists, EMC Reinsurance and its division leader decided it would be best to scrap a dated, incomplete plan and realize the opportunity inherent in building a strategic vision collaboratively with their leadership team—a team that happened to be mostly newer to the industry and younger members of the workforce.  Although EMC Reinsurance’s leader had a sense of growth opportunities for the division, he decided to pool the invaluable resource of his team to identify opportunities and identify strategic priorities.

Working together remotely, Lorna facilitated five 90-minute workshops with EMC Reinsurance’s planning team who then committed 2-3 hours between workshops to refine plan content.  The outcome for EMC Re is a solid three-year plan that also serves a few other key outcomes:

  • First, the plan unified the team because the leadership team is ‘bought-in’ to the plan they co-created. EMC Reinsurance’s leader valued the opportunity for collaboration, team building and an open environment to share ideas.
  • Second, the plan serves as a roadmap to strategic success and will better assist the team in addressing initiatives, taking actions and capitalizing on growth opportunities as they unfold.
  • Finally, as the team begins implementation in January of 2020, their plan provides a framework to cascade accountability for the strategic plan’s implementation to the next level of the organization.

We look forward to celebrating the strategic success of EMC Reinsurance in 2020!



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