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A Lesson in Leveraging Your Team’s Expertise in Planning from Experience Kissimmee

In any team, keeping the organizational machine well maintained and in proper working order requires having the right people in the right position to leverage their skills and abilities. In a well-oiled machine, the entire organization is being leveraged to their full potential, allowing everyone to build upon each other’s work.

Why should strategic planning be any different?

We were struck by this thought during our work last week with Experience Kissimmee in Florida as we helped facilitate the creation of their strategic plan.

Experience Kissimmee, a travel and tourism authority based in Florida, is comprised of a well-respected staff, executive leadership, and a board of experienced industry professionals. Individuals across the entire organization have unique perspectives and expertise based on how and where they contribute to the success of their organization.

Already a well-tuned machine, it was a seamless transition into a well-tuned planning process designed to leverage every individual of their organization during the appropriate phase to glean from their expertise and create a better plan.

Without being esoteric and to help you think about how you can best leverage the expertise of your team during planning, here’s a set of tips you can leverage as you design your own planning process:

Think it sounds efficient? It was. It was the gleaming example of how being thoughtful and strategic about layering during the planning process makes the plan inherently more strategic and impactful.

Nice work, Experience Kissimmee!

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