4 Tips to Keep Your Strategy From Becoming a New Year’s Cliché

New year, old clichés. This year, I’m going to [insert resolution].

Whether your organization is starting a new strategic plan or is executing against a rolling one, it’s important to not let them fall by the wayside in March as most New Year’s resolutions do. The best strategy can be left out to dry if you don’t remain vigilant to its cause.

So herein lays the question. How do will do you keep your team focused on your plan in 2015?

 Here’s a list of four tips we’ve put together that will help keep your team on-track throughout the year, not just the first few weeks.

  1. Get the right people involved. It’s important to include people who have some skin in the game. Not only will they provide invaluable insight and information, they’ll be the champions you need to execute your plan.
  2.  Create and implement a schedule and stick to it. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day. It’s vital to create a schedule as a way to keep your plan on a timeline whilst simultaneously keeping your team accountable.
  3.  Which brings us to keep your team accountable. Make each member of your team accountable my assigning goals and metrics to them specifically. By making them apart of the machine they’ll make sure their gears sync up and execute what they need to accomplish.
  4.  Keep it at the for-front. A strategic plan in nature is long term, but it’s easy for it to get lost in the melee of day-to-day operations. Keep it at the for-front of your team’s priorities. It’s important to remember that the small day-to-day stuff, over time, needs to add up to help achieve your long-term priorities.

With the New Year comes new opportunity [sorry for the cliché].  Your team has the power to create and execute something great. With hard work, dedication, and vigilance, you too can achieve your strategic goals. It’ll just be a little bit of work, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

One Comment

  1. Welles Fendrich says:

    When I was at ITT some years ago, Harold Geneen ,CEO, had us project out only 3 yrs in our long range plan not five. What are your thoughts?



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