4 Keystones to Staying Focused.

Jun 13, 2014

During a recent facilitation, we were astounded with the level of focus and preparation Keystone Healthcare Management during their strategic planning process. In a world filled with distractions, having the discipline to stay focused is difficult.

While working with Keystone Healthcare Management we’re reminded of the four keystones to staying focused.

1) Turn off, tune in – Technology can be a huge aid or distraction; it’s all about how you use it. During planning sessions, the absence of phones and laptops can be helpful in discouraging wandering attention-spans. 

2) Remain Organized – Whether it’s the physical space or the flow of ideas, make sure your planning sessions stay organized. Cluttered spaces or conversation can lead planning sessions astray.

3) Plan Ahead – Outlining timetables and objectives ahead of time will provide concrete expectations for each planning session. Structure is the framework for creating actionable, meaningful goals and objectives.

4) Stay Engaged – Keep the conversation flowing between individuals during the planning process. It keeps participants invested in the conversation and allows each to give direct input.  Higher engagement equals a better payout in the creation and execution of a strategic plan.

Simple tips that shouldn’t be forgotten.

These four steps are each designed to eliminate common distractions, ensuring that you aren’t wasting precious time and resources during your strategic planning process. Each tip is simple, but the omission of any one of them can cause distractions and potentially dilute the effectiveness of your strategic planning process.



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