Transform Your OKRs From Good to Great

Jul 27, 2021

In this video we will teach you how to Transform Your OKRs From Good to Great. We will share our six tips that will transform your OKRs and a summary of all the other tips we shared in our other OKR videos.

Today, we’re going to go through six tips that will transform your OKRs.

1. O’s=Outcome

First things first, O’s equal “outcome.” They also equal “objective,” but we like to see objectives that have an outcome statement, ideally measurable for sure impact. We know that’s a break from the standard OKRs, but an outcome that is measurable makes it so much easier.

2. Always Align to Company O’s

Tip number two—this is a must-do—always, always, always align OKRs to company O’s. We don’t want to have OKR puddles, or a bunch of OKRs all over the place that don’t align to the future direction of an organization, and you achieve that by making sure all OKRs align to the company O’s.

3. KRs – Effort + Outcome

Number three, KRs, come in two flavors: 1) “effort,” like a marketing campaign and initiative, and 2) “outcome,” like a measurable outcome. Great OKR stacks have a combination of effort and outcome.

4. KRs Can Be KPIs

Number four— it is possible from time to time that your KRs can be KPIs, or key performance indicators. Your KRs may be key indicators of your organization’s performance, so it’s okay if they are also KRs.

5. 3 KRs Per Person Per Quarter

Number five, the rule of three. Three KRs per person, per quarter is magic. Why is that? So that everybody owns a little bit of everything across the plan, but also so that no one person is overloaded.

6. Team OKRs Instead of Individual

Last, but certainly not least, this is our tip—have team OKRs instead of individual OKRs. You achieve that by O’s being shared, albeit championed as champions are important, and key results being owned by a single individual.

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