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Strategic Planning Template

Enter Your Plan Elements
Add your existing elements into the template.
Finish Your Plan
Expert suggestions and guides help you complete your plan.
Export Your 2-Page Plan
Or a detailed plan and share with your team.
$25 for Unlimited Access
Web-Based Template & Downloadable Plans
Built for those who need to quickly develop a strategic plan on their own.

Export and download your plan in two easy clicks.

2-Page Plan

Create a two-page overview of your plan to quickly and efficiently communicate your strategic direction.

Download a sample 2-Page Plan here.

Full Strategic Plan

Download your Full Strategic Plan including your SWOT, mission, vision, values, competitive advantages, strategic objectives, goals, and initiatives.

Download a sample full plan here.

Build a plan quickly and efficiently using our strategic planning template.

Build Your Strategic Plan

Complete a SWOT Analysis

Identify your current state and clarify what key considerations need to be carried into your plan.

Establish Mission, Vision, & Values

Define the strategic foundation of your plan with a long-term vision of success.

Build Strategic Objectives

Outline your plan’s focus with organization-wide strategic objectives using the balanced scorecard framework.

Create Goals and Initiatives

Build SMART goals and supporting initiatives to help your organization achieve its vision.

Follow guided inputs and automation to structure your plan.

Follow Guided Inputs

Planning Automation

Generate the content of your plan using prompts that structure core planning elements, including your SWOT, mission, values, competitive advantages, and vision.

Automated Goal Suggestions

Leverage or adapt automated goal suggestions created from your SWOT analysis.

Pre-Populated Inputs

Use the pre-populated suggestions for strategic objectives and goals.

Examples & Definitions

Access a library of examples, definitions, and videos to guide you as you build your plan.

Why work with us? We’ve built the OnStrategy Strategic Planning Template based on best-practices from building and implementing thousands of strategic plans.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for my $25?

You get unlimited access to a Web-based planning template to capture and organize your existing plan elements and provides you with tools, guides and tips for completing your plan. Once you are finished entering your plan into the template, you can export a 2-Page Plan or a Full Strategic Plan.

How long will I have access to the OnStrategy Strategic Planning Template?

You will have lifetime access to the OnStrategy Strategic Planning Template.

Is there a free trial period?

There are no trial periods for the OnStrategy Strategic Planning Template.

When will I be billed for my Strategic Planning Template?

You will be billed for the full amount upon the completion of your order, usually within one business day.

What format will the downloadable reports be?

The downloadable reports are available in PDF format.

Is OnStrategy secure?

Absolutely—your privacy and security are our top priority. Read details about our security practices here.

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