We’re Hanging Up M3 Planning and MyStrategicPlan

By Erica Olsen


The role of organizational strategy is evolving and so are we.

Today is both an end and a beginning. It’s the end of MyStrategicPlan, a simple tool that’s helped thousands of businesses throughout the world make strategic planning a bit easier and less complex. It also means big changes for M3 Planning, the company who built it.

Now it’s time for a new journey. For over a decade we’ve partnered alongside management teams in virtually every industry across the globe. And we’re continually reminded that successful strategy isn’t just about a single individual. It’s a collective vision shared across the organization requiring collaboration, consensus-building, and accountability.

With this clarity comes our own strategic shift; to align what we’ve become, what we’ve built, and where we’re going. We’ll honor the core of our passion by forging M3 Planning with MyStrategicPlan under one brand and one name. Today, we are OnStrategy.

OnStrategy is more than a name.

OnStrategy is a reflection of our past, present and future. Over the years, as our tools and services have evolved, so have our customers. People want more than to achieve a goal. They want strategy to inspire meaningful organizational change.

In response, with significant investment and sweat equity, we’ve transformed OnStrategy from a tool to an organizational, cloud-based platform.  In December of 2013, following substantial investment and a year-long development cycle based on customer feedback we launched the new OnStrategy platform. More than a tool for great strategy design and execution, OnStrategy is an agent of change fostering better communication, collaboration and organization-wide engagement.

What’s in the name, OnStrategy?

Simply architected, thoughtfully executed, strategy moves mountains. And in our small, modest contribution in helping move those mountains, the name OnStrategy reflects what we do best; helping people stay on strategy. It’s more than having the right software, processes, or systems to execute. It’s about people, communication, engagement and accountability. It’s about results.

What’s our vision for OnStrategy?

Our passion is helping people create and execute better strategy by being the enterprise, cloud-based leader in strategy management. Our online tools and hands-on services, including our flagship platform for empowering people to create and execute strategy, will connect customers, employees and stakeholders in new ways for achieving enduring success.

As a strategy process leader and management partner, we believe strategy is more than simply achieving business goals. Smarter strategy builds smarter organizations. It inspires people to work hard, incite action and make things happen.

What’s our commitment for the years ahead?

To understand you, our customers, better. We’ll invest the time, energy and resources to create the best possible experience for you and your organization. We’ll drive results through better collaboration, communication, engagement and ownership. We’ll build a worldwide community of like-minded strategists to sharing best-practices and insights.

Since the debut of our most recent system-wide upgrade in December, we’ve added talent to our management team, launched skills development initiatives for our front-line advisors and improved customer-facing processes.

We’ve introduced the Visual Performance Dashboard. Unlike any other dashboard you’ve ever seen, the Visual Performance Dashboard is more than metrics. It’s real-time monitoring of core performance indicators at every level within your organization.

With today’s announcement we launch the Strategic Performance Index, a worldwide benchmark assessment for measuring strategic effectiveness.

And lastly, we’re proud to introduce the OnStrategy Channel Partner program, a global initiative to deliver our customers regionalized services and industry-specific expertise by combining the strengths of the OnStrategy platform with the skills and talents of established practitioners throughout the world.

Experience OnStrategy for yourself. We’re confident you’ll like what you see. It’s just the beginning of even greater things to come.



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