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A Lesson on the Impact of Collaborative Planning with EMC Reinsurance

Wise leaders understand how to move their teams towards long-term success. Even better leaders can guide their teams while transitioning into a new leadership role in an organization. The new leader... By Heyden Enochson

How Agility in Strategic Planning Helps Grant Wishes

We’ve been working with the Make-A-Wish foundation for the last year as they created and implemented a plan to grant more wishes to children around the country. It’s a valiant cause... By Heyden Enochson

Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs in Nevada

We recently returned to our alma mater at the University of Nevada to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to lead their businesses with strategy and agility. As the leaves turn... By Heyden Enochson

Helping Make the Alaska Native People the Healthiest People in the World

Healthcare is something we often take for granted. But in Alaska, receiving care for the specialized needs of the Alaskan Native and American Indian people living in the state can be... By Heyden Enochson

Welcome to OnStrategy’s New Homepage

It’s been just over a year since we launched the completely redesigned OnStrategy Platform. As a little “unbirthday” present, we’ve retooled the homepage based on your feedback to be more focused... By Heyden Enochson

Practice What You Preach: OnStrategy’s Culture Retreat

Last quarter, we focused our content heavily on culture and culture shift. The intersection of culture and strategy is an important one – one that isn’t often talked about in traditional... By Heyden Enochson

Helping CCSF Digital Services Double Their Staff

Learn how we’ve been working with the City and County of San Francisco to help their organization prepare as they double their team of web designers and data engineers in one... By Heyden Enochson

Lesson-Planning Strategy: Giving the Teachers and the Community a Voice in Strategic Planning

Learn why an inclusive planning process is helping reimagine the education of an entire region with Fairbanks North Star Borough School District. During the past year, we’ve been working with the... By Heyden Enochson

Balancing the Past and the Future: 100 Years of Reno Rodeo

The roar of 140,000 fans echoes throughout the Reno-Sparks Valley every warm June summer. And behind the grandstands, rodeo clowns, ropers, and bull riders there exists a non-profit organization comprised of... By Heyden Enochson

A Lesson in Leveraging Your Team’s Expertise in Planning from Experience Kissimmee

In any team, keeping the organizational machine well maintained and in proper working order requires having the right people in the right position to leverage their skills and abilities. In a... By Heyden Enochson

Leveraging Strategy to Build a Culture of Transparency at SEO Monitor

We promise this won’t be another post about the importance of strategy reviews . Instead, we’d like... By Heyden Enochson

Support Your Strategy Review Cadence with Weekly Activity Recaps

A successful plan implementation and a consistent cadence for updates requires knowing where your goals and actions stand on a weekly basis. Part of your OnStrategy subscription’s suite of performance management... By Heyden Enochson

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