Get Aligned with an OKR Sprint

Focus your team’s weekly efforts on your big, bold vision in 4 weeks.


What is an OKR Sprint?

Led by a Senior Strategist and supported by the OnStrategy App, you will establish four 90-day OKR performance cycles to connect your long-term vision to weekly activities. Here’s what it looks like:

Why Use 90-Day OKR Sprints?

  • Create Company-Wide Focus

    Create focus on the critical strategic priorities and KPIs for the balance of this year.
  • Build a Plan with OKRs

    Create focus on the critical strategic priorities and KPIs for the balance of this year.
  • Adopt an Agile 90-Day Cycle

    Set a standard approach with a playbook to easily rinse and repeat every quarter.
  • Create a Living Plan, Fast

    You’ll walk away with a plan you can refresh and adapt in 4 weeks.

Create Focus & Alignment in 4 Weeks

Traditional strategic planning is static, takes forever, and doesn’t connect individuals’ efforts to your vision or mission.
With our 90-day StrategySprint™, you’ll connect your team to what matters most, build an agile plan with OKRs, and create a repeatable, lightweight process to review and refresh your plan every quarter.

How does it Work?

  • We lead three virtual strategy workshops to set your North Star, competitive strategy, strategic goals & KPIs.
  • We guide each executive to build OKRs for their teams.
  • We set up your tracking and reporting process.
  • We facilitate 3 monthly reviews.
  • We lead 1 quarterly strategy refresh.

What do I get?

  • Company-wide focus on the critical strategic priorities and KPIs for the balance of this year.
  • 3-5 goals/OKRs, that are strategic, for every person on your team.
  • Sustainable approach to run monthly performance reviews and quarterly strategy refreshes.
  • A guide to repeat your OKR Sprint every quarter.

Who is this for?

  • Executive Teams and Functional Teams that need to get focused and aligned for the next 90 days and rest of the year.
  • Anyone that is stuck in the OKR process.
  • Organizations that need to level up from the operational to the strategic.

Let’s Start Your OKR Sprint

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