Why Work? Called to Make a Difference

By Nancy Olsen/Howard Olsen, PhD.

How Can This Book Be Used Most Effectively?

The style and content of this book make it appropriate for multiple settings. Most people who are not employed as professional ministers suffer from confusion over their role in God’s plan to redeem mankind. They have had little or no exposure to the concept of workplace ministry. Among the questions for which they need answers are:

As valuable as this is for the individual reader, it is even more valuable when used in small groups, whether in the marketplace or in the local church. The Reflection and Discussion Questions at the end of each chapter encourage small-group discussion that enhances the understanding of all participants.
Some have chosen to use it as a textbook. Whether used in a small group setting or in a classroom, an outline summary of each chapter can be downloaded for groups:
Class Outline for Why Work
Workplace Ministry Full Text Handouts

Others have used this material as a reference for sermons as they embrace and address the workplace ministry concept. The church as a whole benefits as it gains a more comprehensive view of God’s plan to speak to the world through the workplace.

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