OnProcess Technology.

Success is staying at least two steps ahead of your competition, even when they’re ten times your size. ~ E. Barry, CEO

We’re helping build engagement, ownership and accountability by helping people appreciate the value of their actions and how they’re measured.

Our Methodology

Strategic Planning: For the past seven years, OnStrategy has helped OnProcess Technology adopt a systematic process for building and adopting yearly strategic planning. Employee Insight: Leadership, staff and customer insight is identified, captured, and incorporated into the annual strategic planning process. Communications: Establish structure, purpose and frequency of strategic planning communications throughout the organization.
Monthly Performance Management: Monthly strategy review sessions keep leadership and staff aligned and focused on priorities. Performance Dashboards: Performance dashboards reflect the strategy’s core performance indicators and the efficacy of supporting actions driving results.

Our Results

Growth: OnProcess Technology recognizes 15% growth each year in the past five years. Alignment: Inspire clarity among leadership and staff for understanding what’s important, how people are going to play, how they’ll win, and how they’ll work together as a team.
Clarity: Organization-wide awareness of where the organization is headed, the goals and objectives and a solid understanding of how to get there so that everyone’s embedded in the growth of the company. Focus: Every staff member knows their role, why it’s important, and how it’s measured.

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