Microsoft inspires engagement during strategy execution using consistent, effective communication.


OnStrategy uses proven, best-practice strategic planning processes for strategy design and implementation, holistically incorporating divisional relationships and communications between business units.

Our Methodology:

Executive, Board, & Team Retreat Facilitation: Custom built sessions lasting from 1-3 days, which brought together key stakeholders, management, and their board of directors to build a strategy and plan to implement it.

Strategy Development: A strategic plan focused on their ambitious goals to collaborate across five distinct business units.

Custom Communication Strategy: A unique communications strategy allowed Microsoft to build a culture of collaboration, clear communication, and cross-unit alignment.

Our Results:

Ownership: A clear line-of-site to strategic priorities, objectives, and metrics inspired ownership within the organization.

Focus: Strategic alignment and actionable strategy were focused on the right activities to achieve Microsoft’s strategic objectives.

Ownership & Accountability: Implemented a governance model which ensured each business unit had clear direction, ownership, and engagement during strategy design and execution.

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