Foundry Treatment Center: Building a Growth Strategy Driven by a Unique Competitive Edge

How OnStrategy and helped Foundry’s leadership create, roll-out, and adopt a meaningful growth strategy so staff is pointed in the same direction and speaking the same language.


“Working with OnStrategy provided a structured process and guidance in helping leadership identify, vet, and adopt proactive approaches for driving growth.”

– CEO, Foundry Treatment Center

The Challenge:

To support Foundry’s leadership team in the development of a strategic vision in which all team members’ insights were considered and refined and to unify staff with a common direction and language.

The Outcome:

Proactive growth through a shared vision and alignment behind a growth strategy based on Foundry’s unique capabilities.

The Vision:

To be a leading provider of innovative recovery treatments providing a sustainable impact to participants and their families.

The Approach:

The realities of addiction are often surrounded with the gamut of human emotion. Sadness. Devastation. Anger. Forgiveness.

Foundry Treatment Center is laser-focused on providing the necessary comprehensive treatment to address the medical, clinical, wellness, and interpersonal relationships affected by addiction. Their whole-patient approach to treatment is designed to change the lives of the clients and families they serve.

To better position their organization for the future and to better meet a growing need for treatment services, Foundry’s leadership team had to to come together to create a strategic vision and true growth strategy based on unique capabilities and competitive advantages.

  • Executive Surveys: OnStrategy gained vital insights and perspectives from Foundry’s leadership team via surveys to design the organization’s growth strategy.
  • Remote Strategy Workshops: As an extension of Foundry’s leadership team, OnStrategy remotely facilitated strategy workshops to set the strategic direction and cascade goals and KPIs throughout the organization.
  • Application Training: Leadership trained on utilizing the OnStrategy application for performance management and reporting.
  • Performance Management Process: Leadership uses the OnStrategy application for performance management and reporting. OnStrategy worked with leadership to create a structured performance management process to bring discipline and rigor to Foundry’s monthly strategy review meetings.

The Deliverables

OnStrategy worked with the leadership team through a series of remote, highly interactive strategy sessions over three months to create a three-year strategic plan. OnStrategy managed the plan’s roll-out, adoption, and ongoing performance management:

  • Clear Strategic Direction: Align leadership around the bigger why, a bold future, and growth roadmap.
  • Cascaded goals and KPIs: Set clear outcomes that are cascaded to individual owners and with clear commitments.
  • Sustainable business practices: Create a regular cadence to manage organizational performance.
  • Application Roll-out and Adoption: Help leadership manage staff adoption of the strategic plan and provide the application tool to make performance management intuitive and reporting professional.

The Results

The strategic planning process and management of Foundry Treatment Center’s strategic plan allows leadership to foster greater focus on the priorities and strategies for driving intentional, highly-calculated growth.

  • Proactive Growth: Leadership and staff have greater control over where growth is coming from and how.
  • Empowerment: People feel empowered that their opinions and perspectives were part of the strategy design process.
  • Engagement: Leadership knows what they’re accountable for, how to report on their progress, and seek support in constructive and strategic conversations.
  • Agility: Foundry and their plan stay agile and responsive to evolving market demands.

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