Aquiva Labs: Coordinating for Growth

How Aquiva leadership and staff participated in a completely remote planning process to align and coordinate activities across the organization to drive sustainable growth.


“During the Pandemic, OnStrategy facilitated our entire planning process remotely. Through the process our professionalism, focus, and the commitment of our team to drive sustainable growth during an uncertain time was strengthened.”

The Challenge:

Via Zoom, Aquiva Labs needed to consider multiple perspectives and insights across an international leadership team to align on a common purpose, common goals, and common outcomes the entire team could support.

The Outcome:

Coordinated monthly leadership and staff performance reviews of progress against the company’s strategic plan. Team members now have a clear line of sight to the bigger picture, how progress is measured, and how each individual contribution is valued.

The Vision:

To develop the best talent around the world, apply at scale our mastery of Salesforce development, and create sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

The Approach:

At the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Aquiva Labs engaged OnStrategy to facilitate design sessions and develop a strategic plan agile enough to respond to the demands of a shifting business climate.

  • Team Interviews: We interviewed the executive team to understand the critical issues being addressed relating to the planning process, team culture, strategic direction, and growth expectations.
  • Staff Survey: We surveyed staff for insights and perspectives, including SWOT, growth enablers, and existing and proposed KPI’s.
  • Remote Workshops: OnStrategy facilitated collaborative working sessions with senior leadership. The workshops realized growth strategies, competitive advantages, strategic direction, and a three-year roadmap to build the strategic plan.

The Deliverables

Remotely, Aquiva Labs produced a rich, robust, actionable, and reportable strategic plan including mission, vision, values, competitive advantages and SWOT. Their Strategic Objectives are buoyed by organization wide goals, KPI’s, initiatives, and supporting actions.

  • Annual Corporate Plan with Measures & Performance Targets: Together, we established an annual corporate plan with identifiable and measurable metrics, performance targets and the key performance indicators required to support the execution of their plan.
  • Performance Management Playbook: Identify and implement an org-wide process across leadership and staff to create consistency in updating performance and sharing results.

The Results

  • Growth Strategy: Where to play and how to win is supported by competitive advantages with clear expectations for growth enablers from a process, system, staffing, and resourcing perspective. KPI’s are serving as the leading indicators driving growth.
  • Prioritization: Clarity and focus on driving coordinated actions to drive the most important outcomes.
  • Alignment: Across Continents and functional areas of the company, team members understand the strategic direction as well as their strategic role and how they contribute individually and uniquely to the success of the organization.
  • Organizational-Wide Commitment: Leadership and staff are committed to a process to managing performance and to adapting the strategy so it remains an accurate reflection of priorities, commitments, and next steps.
  • Clear Reporting: The OnStrategy performance dashboard delivers a visual display of organizational performance from customer growth, operational excellence, and leading performance indicators.

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