North Slope Borough School District.

Building consensus is a catalyst for how the Inupiaq tribe will protect its culture. Casting a clear vision separates great organizations from good ones. ~ P. Cowan, Superintendent

By delivering a structure and process that allows collaboration to thrive, OnStrategy helps foster consensus among a leadership team allowing people to connect to something bigger than their individual actions.

Our Methodology

Staff Insight: Design, implement and manage a systemic mechanism for capturing and applying critical insight from board members, administration staff and community members. Strategy Design: Identifying strategic issues and priorities from a board and community perspective to influence the design and direction of an actionable roadmap with goals, accountabilities and timelines.
Onsite Facilitation: Annual onsite multi-day facilitation for the ongoing design, implementation and performance management of the district’s strategic plan. OnStrategy Software: District-wide, the administration and staff are focused, prioritized and aligned on the organization’s vision, supporting goals and the individual actions driving success.

Our Results

Educational Reform: Create an educational model that reignites cultural heritage, identity and shared purpose. Trust and Cooperation: Establish a sustainable process for inspiring trust among the school’s administration, staff and the community itself. Community Engagement: Create and sustain mechanisms for capturing community insight with the ability to carry voice of the community and translate it into policy.
Commitment: Commitment to a systemic change supported by a roadmap for achieving it. Focus: Ground leadership and staff with a common vision, mission and a strategic plan that aligns attitudes and actions.

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