Calvary Baptist Church.

Maintaining growth and leadership within a 6,000 member, multi-campus church requires a unified vision and mission.


OnStrategy facilitates the co-creation of actionable strategy, which builds consensus and alignment among key stakeholders and leadership.

Our Methodology:

Stakeholder Insight: Pastors, leadership, staff, and member insight identified, captured, and incorporated into the church’s strategic plan.

Facilitation: OnStrategy drove alignment and consensus-building during strategic planning sessions to ensure the plan was actionable and measurable.

Software Reinforcement: The Church uses the OnStrategy platform to continuously adapt and evolve the organization’s strategic plan, manage performance and communicate progress.

Training: End-user training by OnStrategy helped Calvary Baptist Church staff adopt and benefit from using the OnStrategy platform for driving focus, collaboration and productivity.

Our Results:

Unified Direction: The strategic planning process helped everyone agree on where the organization is going and how they’re going to get there.

Strategic Implementation: Individual action plans and shared accountability allowed Calvary to implement and execute against their strategy.

Engagement: The use of the OnStrategy platform engaged their team in the ongoing strategic management process to ensure continued results.

Communication: Clearly defined objectives, actions, and vision fostered a culture of communication within the church.

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