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About Us

Leading strategy is a high-stakes game.

Whether you’re a leader of a business, government or non-profit organization, it’s lonely at the top. Here’s what we know to be true about leading strategy.

Everyone looks to you

Everyone looks to you.
Your team is looking to you for guidance, and you’ve got to find consensus from their diverse perspectives.

You have to inspire

You have to inspire.
And no matter how on point your strategy is, it will only work if you communicate and inspire others to get on board.

There’s nowhere for help

There’s nowhere for help.
Most of the strategy leaders we speak with say they have no trusted counsel outside their organizations.

There’s constant pressure

There’s constant pressure.
The pressure is on to keep up with the pace of change, while you’re often constrained by past decisions.

There’s no room for error

There’s no room for error.
You’re expected to have answers to the big questions, and it’s ‘not OK’ to admit when you don’t know.

You have to deliver results

You have to deliver results.
You’re expected to lead, create, and drive a strategy that actually delivers results for your organization.

Join 150+ strategy leaders from organizations like:

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Don’t walk the road alone. Join the community today.

The only community for strategy leaders to build unshakeable confidence.
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Welcome to your place for reliable feedback.

Strategy Collaborative Pro is a community space for CEOs, CSOs, Strategy Leaders, and anyone responsible for organizational strategy and OKRs to:
  • Speak their mind, give feedback, and be vulnerable.

  • Ask the questions they dare not ask anywhere else.

  • Get useful, actionable answers.

About Us

Strategy Collaborative Pro

The community for reliable feedback and growth for anyone leading strategy and organizational performance. Here’s what’s included:

Exclusive Content

Exclusive Content

Strategy tips, frameworks, and insights that power organizations around the globe. Learn from the best and apply it to your strategy!

Weekly Sessions

Weekly Sessions

1st Thursdays: Topical Master class
3rd Thursdays: Topical Deep-Dive
2nd + 4th Thursdays: Workshops to answer your questions and topics.

Community of Feedback

Community of Feedback

A safe-haven for anyone leading strategy to connect, receive crucial feedback, and get answers to questions you might not ask anywhere else.

Members ❤️ this international community.

Strategy Collaborative Pro is a diverse group of executive leaders from business, non-profit, education and government organizations.
We’re giving them a gut-check on their current strategies, bringing in new perspectives, and holding space for raw, honest discussion, with nothing held back.
All so they can develop unshakeable confidence in their ability to not just plan, but inspire and lead their teams to execute strategy and bring visions to reality.

It’s SUCH a great idea to have this regular forum for strategy leaders to connect and discuss ideas.

I think being a Chief Strategy Officer can be a very isolating role if you’re the only (or one of the few) person who “gets it” in your organization.

Also, as a strategy consultant I love the opportunity to learn and share.

Stacye Thrasher Brim

Stacye Thrasher Brim

Founder, STB Consulting

United States

Yesterday’s session was really excellent.

Both of you deliver real value to the audience.

By sharing your tools and experience you’re making a significant contribution to the world’s ability to define strategy – a truly noble pastime.

Well done you both and the whole of your organization.

Bryan Sergeant

Bryan Sergeant

CEO, Innovex Management LTD

United Kingdom

I did not think too much before about the topic of defining our Vision.

However, I am reconsidering this now.

Our new strategy will have to address the creation of processes to recruit, onboard & develop people, consciously selling what it means to work at Profol and be part of our awesome group of people.

Dr. Philipp Schieferdecker

Dr. Philipp Schieferdecker

CEO, Profol GMBH



This month’s calendar of events.

Weekly SessionsMaster class

March 2, 2023 I 8 a.m. PT

Running a Killer Quarterly Strategy Review + Refresh

The 5 best-practices to follow as you review, refresh, and refocus your team for Q2 and beyond.

Weekly SessionsWorkshop

March 9, 2023 I 8 a.m. PT

How Should You Use ChatGTP in Strategy?

How should you be using ChatGTP in your strategic planning? Plus, we answer member summited questions.

Weekly SessionsDeep Dive

March 16, 2023 I 8 a.m. PT

Structuring Your Review Process & Cadence

Tune in as we deep-dive into how to structure your quarterly review process and cadence.

Weekly SessionsWorkshop

March 23, 2023 I 8 a.m. PT

How to Choose a Strategic Planning Framework

See the pros and cons of common planning frameworks and get answers to your member-submitted questions.

**Attendance at all sessions is NOT mandatory – we don’t take roll call!

Don’t walk the road alone. Join the community today.

The only community for strategy leaders to build unshakeable confidence.
Risk-Free — Try for $1

Hosted and facilitated by OnStrategy senior leadership.

  • Erica Olsen

    Erica Olsen


    Erica’s Accomplishments & Experience


    Planning & Execution Sessions Led Last Year


    Clients Executing their Plans


    Strategy Reviews Led Last Month


    • Retail
    • Tourism
    • Construction
    • Non-Profit & Government


    • Patagonia, Gabriel & Co.
    • MGM Resorts, Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority
    • Brycon Corporation
    • Washoe County, City of Reno, Make-A-Wish
  • Jeff Brunings

    Jeff Brunings

    Head of Growth + Development

    Jeff’s Accomplishments & Experience


    Planning & Execution Sessions Led Last Year


    Clients Executing their Plans


    Strategy Reviews Led Last Month


    • Technology & SaaS
    • Professional Service Organizations
    • Retail
    • Non-Profit & Government


    • Intuit, IBM
    • Miller Heiman
    • Maryland Food Bank, Outdoor Industry Association
    • YMCA, Reno Rodeo Association

Walking the path of leadership alone is tough.
Here’s why having a community of practice is better.

Alone vs Community
CSO Collab

Strategy Collaborative Pro

Jeff Brunings

Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly gatherings, including:

    Curated keynote speakers, panel speakers, and Q/A sessions will sharpen your strategy skills with insights from our favorite practitioners.

    • 1 monthly themed Master class.
    • 1 monthly topic deep-dive.
    • 2 monthly workshops to answer your submitted questions and strategic topics.
  • Tried-and-true tools, tips, resources, and exercises in your inbox to use NOW.

  • Direct access to experts in the field that would regularly cost $5,000-$30,000 for a planning engagement.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you offer group packages for strategy teams?

A: Yes. If you want to bring your team with you into Strategy Collaborative Pro, contact us and we’ll work out a group rate.

Q: Do you offer scholarships where there is a financial need?

A: Sometimes. We know that affordability may be an issue for some Strategy Collaborative members, especially those in the earlier stages of their career. Please reach out if this is the case.

Q: Do I need to show up for every call every week?

A: No. Strategy Collaborative Pro is a resource for our members to use when they need advice and information. There is no expectation to attend every Thursday.

Q: Can I pitch my services to other members of Strategy Collaborative Pro?

A: No. Every member is welcome to share their knowledge and experience. Members may request further information about each other’s services, but we do not allow directly soliciting other members for business.

Q: How confidential is this?

A: Every session is recorded and distributed to the members. We do have an honor code for maintaining confidentiality within the group, but members must use their own discretion. For ‘Ask Us Anything’ sessions, questions can be submitted anonymously for sensitive information.

Still have questions?

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We’ve learned great strategy isn’t just about having a strategic plan. It’s about building confidence, and allowing leaders to lead with that confidence by having a vision and a roadmap for getting there.

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