Workshop: 5 Tips on Organizational Change Management

Jun 23, 2023

Here are the key takeaways and 5 pro tips from the session! Also, don’t miss the deck and deliverables from the session. 

5 Pro Tips on Change Management

👨👨 People are the core of change management [10:50-13:07]

Strategy guides your organization, but change management must focus on your people. Focus on aligning your leadership team first, then ripple from there.

Involve your people early in the change process and CLEARLY communicate why the change benefits them. Resistance results from not understanding why and how the change will make life better.

⚠️ Start with high-risk areas of change(17:30-22:45)

Beyond your people, the biggest focus for change should be on areas of greatest risk – the areas of your organization that need the largest, most disruptive change and will be resistant.

Pro tip:Converting resistors can result in your biggest champions. Invite resistors to the table and clearly communicate what’s in it for them. 

🧐 Understand what people think they are going to lose(32:55-34:40)

Directly address what your people will gain and lose in this process (ie, they’ll need to divert project time towards planning).

Pro tip: Focus on success, ROI, benefits, and transparency to mitigate resistance and create more trust.

🛠️ Don’t incubate, iterate! (36:23-10:38)

Strategy and change management are inclusive. Create a planning team of multiple stakeholders to sidestep silos, change behaviors/attitudes, and align your organization.

Pro tip: Bring a variety of voices to the table and have them beta-test the plan while you build it. Check out this organizational assessment on slides 6-7.

💬 Consider sender/receiver in your communications (44:20-55:00)

Providing your people with the best tools does not ensure how they will be interpreted and used. Be aware of people’s different learning styles and audiences as you create your communications plan and constantly revisit it.

Pro tip: Be aware of people’s different learning styles and audiences as you create your communications plan and constantly revisit it.

As we wrap up this session on change management, our parting words of wisdom is, “We can, we will, and we must!”

  • You can change by being thoughtful and strategic.
  • You will change, inclusively with your team.
  • You must change to achieve your vision of the future.



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