Workshop: 3 Exercises to Stop Group Think in its Tracks

3 Exercises for Making Decisions Driven by Consensus 

So what’s the deal? Why did we cover these three exercises? You want your team to make decisions they agree with.

These three tools ensure that the loudest person in the room doesn’t dominate the conversation or worse, encourage group-think decision-making.

⚠️ ⚠️ Don’t forget to download the deck from the session here!

Exercise 1: Future Wheels (11:45-26:00)

What:A strategy to predict outcomes that result from a decision.

Why: Avoid negative consequences resulting in unnecessary time, money, and energy.

How: Slides 5-8

Exercise 2: Assumptions Wall (26:00-41:00)

What: A facilitation strategy to explore beliefs about a potentially tricky topic.

Why: Promotes dialogue as the norm, surfaces underlying assumptions, uses 3rd point communications, and structures full participation.

How: Slides 9-12

Exercise 3: Consensogram (41:00-49:45)

What: A strategy to create a visual display showing how group members think about issues before making a final decision. Members “weigh in” anonymously, ensuring psychological safety.

Why: Leaders sometimes withhold their opinions if they feel they will be disruptive or significantly different than the group’s prevailing opinion.

How: Slides 13-19



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