[Q&A] How Much Time Should I Spend Measuring and Communicating Progress?

Jun 23, 2023

Question 🙋‍♀️: What have you found is the right amount of time spent on measuring, tracking, and communicating strategy and progress? Does one person in the organization own these tasks, or is it spread out?

💪 Answer: This depends on the organization, but if you own it, you report on it! Just remember that everyone needs to be connected to the bigger picture. A communication matrix is helpful.

We covered this section from 52:30 – 58:00 using the Miro Board. Some additional insight:

  • You own it; you report on it! 20 minutes a month.
  • Develop a communication matrix and use it! This is a helpful video.
  • People need to know where they fit in and how they are connected to the bigger picture.



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