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AI has changed everything.

Let our experts run your AI Strategy and Roadmap Workshop to identify and prioritize your organization’s biggest AI opportunities.

How will you….

  • Use AI to change your value proposition?
  • Tap AI to solve your “unsolvables”?
  • Develop new products or services?
  • Leverage AI to advance your mission?
  • Change the trajectory of your organization?

We help CEOs and Executive leaders identify how AI will strategically transform their organizations for the future and build an aligned plan to make it happen.

OnStrategy’s AI Strategy Consulting Approach

To focus on organizational change and transformation, our AI consultants work in three focus areas:


Optimize your current business processes with artificial intelligence and generative AI.


Accelerating current strategic outcomes and focus areas using artificial intelligence.


Redefine and transform how you build products, create value for your customers, and deliver your services.

Our AI Consulting Capabilities

AI Opportunity Identification

Our consulting and AI tech experts will show you the possibilities of generative artificial intelligence and guide you to identify and prioritize your biggest strategic opportunities.

Organizational AI Strategy

We build AI strategies as a component of your overall organizational strategy, vision of success, and goals. There is no AI strategy without organizational strategy.

AI Governance & Ethics

Our strategy consultants will guide you in defining your organization’s artificial intelligence governance and ethical policies.

PM and AI Development (Partners)

When you’re ready to build your artificial intelligence tech stack, we’ll refer you to our strategic partners to build the technology and AI solutions you need.

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Case Studies: AI as a Mission-Multiplier

If you’re wondering how AI is already changing organizations, here are examples from organizations around the globe TODAY:


Improvement in Response Time

A city government cut customer service response time to 1 minute from 10 minutes with much-improved accuracy.


Reduction in Cost for Creative

50% reduction of content creation with generative AI, creating cost savings for customers.


Hours Saved for Every Contract Created

Automating RFP responses for a consulting organization cuts response time from 20 hours to 2 hours per contract.


Reduction in Project Startup Time

25% gain in efficiency to reduce project startup times with quicker access to relevant past project data for a major US corporation.


Automated HR Policy Inquiry

Automated HR policy inquiries, employee feedback, and enhanced employee self-service for a tech firm.

About Us

We are your partners if you need to develop an AI transformation strategy.

Listen, we know there are lots of choices when it comes to selecting a strategy and AI consulting firm. But, we promise you won’t find a team that has the real-world, in-the-trenches, down-to-business experience that can actually help you build and implement a great strategy.

Plus, we’ve partnered with teams of technologists, developers, and project managers to make your AI visions a reality.

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Why CEOs, CSOs, & Strategy Leaders ❤️ OnStrategy

“I have been telling my peers about our off site and how impressed I was with our facilitator and OnStrategy. Bringing OnStrategy in was probably the best thing I have done.”

Applied Network Solutions
Chris Dunn


Applied Network Solutions

“The level of individual engagement is great all around! And your leadership through this strategic planning process has been excellent.”

Dallas Smith
Dallas Smith

Executive VP, Co-Founder

Healing HealthCare Systems

“Thank you so much for all your help with the process this year! Having your guidance and suggestions made it so much smoother, and now we are ready to kick off the execution stage!”

Chi Nguyen
Chi Nguyen

VP of Marketing


“I’m very pleased with how the team was able to knock out so much last year despite the unrest and uncertainty. We stuck to the intent of the plan and made use of its agile nature. All of the preparation and discussions to build the plan really paid off as we shifted on what felt like a weekly basis.”

DT Minich
DT Minich


Experience Kissimmee

“The software made it easier for the team build out their respective department goals, targets, and supporting initiatives. We've been doing planning for 20 years and we're finally driving a level of coordination, communication, and collaboration across all nine of our divisions”

Mark Binsfelt
Mark Binsfelt

VP of Marketing and Business Development

J.F. Brennan

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