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Weekly SessionsAI Strategy

Feb 1, 2023 I 8 a.m. PT

Customer Insights Delivered at AI Hyperspeed: A Real-World AI Transformation Example

We’ll demo a real-world AI Transformation to show how Just Madd built an AI engine to process customer insights at hyperspeed.


Weekly SessionsAI Strategy

Feb 15, 2023 I 10 a.m. PT

The Always-On AI HR Agent: A Real-World AI Transformation Example

We’ll demo a real-world AI Transformation to show how Authority Partners built an always-on AI HR agent to service their team across 13 timezones.


Weekly SessionsB2B Sales Strategy

January 4, 2023 I 8 a.m. PT

B2B Sales Excellence Deep-Dive

Tune in as Liz Hieman dive into what it takes to build an amazing sales strategy and team – plus, learn how AI is going to transform B2B sales.


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Exclusive Content

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Weekly Sessions

Weekly Sessions

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Community of Feedback

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