Workshop: Strategic Issues Hitlist

We’re impressed with the contributions to the Strategic Issues Hitlist Workshop and how you’re facing some of today’s most pressing strategic challenges. We organized and themed the Mural board so check out how to tackle recruiting and retaining talent, inflation, and DEAI. You can watch the whole recording here, and please don’t miss out on the themed Mural board from the session!

🔥 The 5 Hot Takeaways from our Strategic Issues Hitlist Workshop

✅ Use a strategic issue “hitlist” every quarterly to keep your thinking agile.

Having an active, running list of strategic issues to tackle at every quarterly review keeps your plan strategic and forward-thinking. What do you need to fix, accomplish, or avoid? Reactionary strategy is a way of the past. Listen to Erica discuss it from 16:05-21:30.

🚧 Use signposts and triggers to tell you when to act – or you’ll miss the boat.

Set up 5-7 KPIs that monitor market movement, competitive shift, and triggers that tell your organization when it’s time to act. Having warning buoys in the water keeps your organization from getting caught on its heels. Listen to Erica explain from 22:00-25:00.

❌ Forget being “busy.” Focus on creating the future. 🔮

Winning in the long game requires tackling the future, not battling your inbox daily. Move from being busy to being strategic. Brian and Erica discuss this from 26:45-28:00.

🎯 OKRs are way undervalued in employee retention.

OKRs that directly support your mission and purpose create clarity and connect everyone with how they contribute to the big picture – and that is huge for employee retention. Sanjay shared his experience with Erica and Jeff from 40:30-42:00.

💪 Resources from the Session

The Session Recording & Presentation

Check out the full recording and deck from the session.

INC – Google’s “Quiet” Hiring Practice

Josh C. Shared an article from INC about Google’s quiet hiring practice. It’s from Google, but you can use it, too!

HBR – Strategy Making in Turbulent Times

Erica referenced this HBR article in our session, and we agree! It’s a little academic, but it’s spot-on.

American Eagle Outfitters Embraces Fulfillment at the Edge

Tim F. shared this helpful article on how American Eagle has shifted their supply chain strategy and fulfillment.

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