Toolkit to Protect the Health of Your Business

Build a Strategic Roadmap & 90-Day Action Plan to keep your team aligned and focused weekly on the health of your business.
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Here are the four elements and supporting templates.
Use the videos to dig deeper in each area.

Manage Cash Flow
Build a Strategic Roadmap
Set Weekly Health Metrics
Manage with MetricMondays
Manage Cash Flow

Plan & Manage Your Cash Flow

Cash is king. Stay on top of it to help inform your decision making.
Build an Strategic Roadmap

Build Your Strategic Roadmap to Adapt & Thrive

Set your Strategic Priorities & Roadmap to be flexible, but directional.
Set Weekly Health Metrics

Set Weekly Health Metrics & 90-Day Goals/OKRs

Identify & drive weekly action around 7-10 mission-critical metrics.
Manage with MetricMondays

Manage With MetricMondays

Individuals producing visible results and deliverables make working remotely effective and productive.

Need More Help? Let’s Build Your Strategic Roadmap and 90-Day Action Plan.

We’ll put a senior strategist on your team to build your organization’s plan and cash runway in four remote workshops.


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