By Heyden Enochson
3 Simple Reasons to Focus on Execution, Not Planning

A major pain point in the strategic planning process is transitioning between finishing your plan and putting it into execution. Why can it be so difficult moving into execution?

There are a multitude of situations why it’s difficult to move from planning to execution, but we have identified three simple reasons why you could be having a hard time:

Reason #1 – You’ve exhausted your resources

Plain and simple, strategic planning can be a strenuous and resource draining exercise. Sure, you create an “all-inclusive” plan that covers every scenario you could face in the future. But what good is it if you’ve spent all of your time and financial resources on creating a plan rather than executing it?

Reason #2 – There’s no energy

Similar to reason #1, if your planning process was long, arduous, and time-consuming, you might have burned all the gas in the tank before you even started executing it. Don’t completely drain your team making the perfect plan. Get it to “good” then light the fire during execution. Even if the plan isn’t perfect, it’s better to have energy around execution than around a plan that will just sit and collect dust.

Reason #3 – Your plan is “over-engineered”

Your plan is thoughtful. It’s strategic. It’s everything you wanted it to be. But it’s too big and too complicated for your team to actually execute. Great thinking can easily be ruined by a plan that’s too complicated to follow and execute. Keep it strategic, but make it simple enough to execute. Overcomplicating the planning process is one of the biggest reasons organizations fail to move from planning to execution. Even the best plans need to have people dedicated to their execution.

As you complete your planning process, be aware of how much of your time, talent, and resources go into the plan’s creation. Don’t get buried beneath your plan. Instead, get through the planning process and save your energy to execute against it.