Strategy Execution Tools

Performance management tools enable your team to focus on executing your plan instead of managing it.


Enable your entire team to be part of strategy execution.

Org-Wide Execution

Real-time Goal Tracking

Color coding and intuitive icons let you clearly see the status of your plan.

Update from the Homepage

See what needs your attention and provide an update to your goals and actions from the Overview Homepage.

Quick Update Page

Update your goals in a tabbed entry, single page view.

Update from Mobile

Manage your goals in on the fly using the OnStrategy Mobile App.

Make strategy reviews come to life with real-time performance data.

Performance Dashboard

Data Made Meaningful

Visual displays of your data provide insight into the core performance indicators driving your success.

Dynamic Views of Data

Color coding, dynamic views, and icons provide visuals to keep your organization engaged in your performance.

Monthly, Quarterly, & Annual Views

View performance by month, quarter, or year-to-date. It’s your choice.

Status of Supporting Items

Quickly see the current status of goals by individual contributors or departments.

Streamline data entry to focus on executing with excellence.

Fast Performance Updating

Auto-Status Updates

OnStrategy can automatically calculate the status and performance of your goals.

Personalized Plan Views

Filter and save strategic plan views to create individual focus on strategic priorities.

KPI Scorecard

See how department, team and individual contributions are supporting KPI performance.

API & Extensions

Using Zapier, automate your performance data between 750+ supported software applications.

Update Performance on the fly with OnStrategy Mobile.

  • OnStrategy Mobile

    Keep your team focused on their priorities to drive results from the bottom up.
  • Stay Focused on What Matters Most.

    Stay focused on your team’s goals. See the top priorities with a single glance.
  • Manage Performance in 30 Seconds.

    OnStrategy Mobile provides simple, streamlined progress reporting so your team can manage their performance in just a few seconds.
  • Automated Organization.

    Dynamically generated lists sort your goals keeping those requiring attention front and center.
  • Know Exactly Where You Are.

    Your team will know how they’re executing against your organizational strategy by quickly viewing their performance and supporting actions.

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