Reports & Communication Tools

Robust reporting and communication tools ensures smooth implementation and dedication to ongoing execution.


Communicate with conviction using automated plan reports.

Downloadable Plan Reports

Clearly and effectively communicate your strategic direction and expectations with 8 corporate and department plan reports. Included reports:

    Corporate Plan Reports
  • Full Strategic Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • One-Page Plan
  • Road Map
  • Linear Cascade
  • SWOT
  • One-Click
  • Budget
    Department Plan Reports
  • Dept. Full Strategic Plan
  • Dept. Executive Summary
  • Dept. One-Page Plan
  • Dept. Road Map
  • Dept. Linear Cascade
  • Dept. SWOT
  • Dept. One-Click
  • Dept. Budget


Execute with fidelity using organization-wide action planning.

Action Plans & Performance

Quickly see your plan’s performance and download department/individual action plans to keep your strategy’s momentum moving forward. Included suite of performance reports and action plans:

    Performance Reports
  • Full Strategic Plan w/Progress
  • Executive Summary w/Progress
  • Scorecard
  • Strategy Review PPT
    Action Plans
  • Dept. Action Plans
  • Individual Action Plans
  • Individual Scorecards
  • Individual Performance Review


Keep your team informed with automated communication tools.

Alerts & Communciation

Strategy Alerts

Automated emails notify each member of your team the goals and actions that need an update.

Weekly Activity Recap

Receive weekly emails detailing the progress your team has made executing against your plan.


Iterate with your team with our internal commenting system to allow collaboration.

One-Page Plan

Articulate your strategic direction and identify what needs your focus in a single view.

Update Performance in 30 seconds with OnStrategy Mobile.

  • OnStrategy Mobile

    Keep your team focused on their priorities to drive results from the bottom up.
  • Stay Focused on What Matters Most

    Stay focused on your team’s goals. See the top priorities with a single glance.
  • Manage Performance in 30 Seconds

    OnStrategy Mobile provides simple, streamlined progress reporting so your team can manage their performance in just a few seconds.
  • Automated Organization

    Dynamically generated lists sort your goals keeping those requiring attention front and center.
  • Know Exactly Where You Are

    Your team will know how they’re executing against your organizational strategy by quickly viewing their performance and supporting actions.

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  • 287 Planning & Execution Sessions Led Last Year
  • 175+ Years of Planning Experience
  • 56 Strategy Reviews Led Last Month

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