Cascade Your Plan to Departments & Teams

Strategic planning software that cascades your corporate vision to build aligned department and individual plans.


Cascade your corporate vision to multiple department plans.

Build Multiple Aligned Plans

Department SWOT & Mission

Develop department-specific SWOT and mission statements as the foundation of your department plans.

Aligned Annual Department Goals

Build annual department or division goals aligned to the corporate plan.

Cascaded Individual Action Plans

Cascade your annual department goals to individual goals and action items.

Goal Collaborators

Foster cross-functional alignment by assigning multiple goal collaborators.

Departments build strong goals using our guided inputs.

Build SMART Goals

Assign a Clear Owner

Clear goal ownership drives accountability for your goal’s strategic performance.

Clearly Define Your Outcomes

The goal description and measures of success create clearly defined outcomes for each goal.

Create Time-Bound Goals

Start and end dates create urgency and a realistic time period for goals to be completed.

KPIs, Targets, and Reporting

Customize your target types, target directions, and reporting frequency.

Clearly define expectations with department & individual action plans.

Department & Reports

Clearly and effectively communicate your strategic direction and individual expectations with 12 different department & individual plan reports. Reports includ reports include:

  • Department Strategic Plan
  • Dept. Plan w/Progress
  • Dept. Executive Summary
  • Dept. Executive Summary w/Progress
  • Department Roadmap
  • Department SWOT
  • Individual Action Plans
  • Dept. One-Page Plan
  • Dept. Scorecard
  • Dept. Strategy Review
  • Dept. Linear Cascade
  • Dept. Budget


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  • 175+ Years of Planning Experience
  • 56 Strategy Reviews Led Last Month

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