Strategic Planning Made Easy for Nonprofit Organizations: A Practical Guide (eBook & Print)

Strategic Planning Made Easy for Nonprofit Organizations

A Practical Guide (eBook & Print)

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buy book Nonprofit organizations have specific planning needs and desired outcomes. Strategic Planning Made Easy for Nonprofit Organizations is designed specifically to help guide executive directors and their boards through the planning process to help them effectively fulfill the organization’s purpose. The book presents an integrated, market-focused strategic planning process. The three main concepts – developing your mission, reaching your market, and establishing your measurement – are developed through 12 practical steps. Each step contains appropriate content, thought provoking questions, relevant examples and worksheets. An enlarged One-Page Strategic Growth Planning Map is provided at the end of the book and is used to summarize and visualize the plan. This book is designed to stand alone or to be used as a reference guide in conjunction with the online, interactive Companies can build their plans quickly and efficiently, leading to increased growth and unparalleled success.

Chapters include:

  • Market-Focused Strategic Planning,
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage,
  • Mission Statement,
  • Vision Statement,
  • Core Values,
  • Broad Objectives,
  • Internal and External Assessment,
  • Target Customer Groups,
  • Value Creating Strategy Specific Goals,
  • Functional Tactics,
  • Financial Assessment,
  • and Strategic Scorecard and Implementation

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